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National and religious identity is viewed -in psychological terms- as „an awareness of difference“: a „feeling and recognition of ‚we‘ and ‚they'“. National and religious identity is not an inborn trait and it is essentially socially constructed. Although identity is not fall from the heaven both „we“ and „they“ are at work to solidify the identity of an individual through encultration. This given fabricated identity is recognized by the individuals as their true and authentic „self“ but it is not! Actually whenever an individual interacts in a social sphere he/she portray a mask of their identity and everyone else wants to look behind this mask to know who is in charge! But why we do not consider the mask as our own self-made identity? Face-in-Nation is a fascinating project that tries to reverse this face and mask relation in a very creative and playful „Stimmung“. The target group of this project are the chidren who live in refugees camp and are experiencing a huge gap between the values and cultural identities of their own nation and Germany.